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Keeping Businesses Gas-Free since 1985

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Stay Safe with Gas Detectors

When working in industrial environments, employees deal with a myriad of safety concerns. Though companies work diligently to ensure the protection of their workers in many different ways, some areas can be overlooked. One of the most important ways to make sure your team is properly taken care of is the use of gas detectors. At US Industrial Products Co. Inc., we provide a large variety of reliable gas sensors, detectors, and monitors to keep your workers and business free of harm.

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Detect gas properly in a number of different areas and industries. Our portable and mountable devices are easy-to-use and keep your business secure.


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Protect your assets with these state-of-the-art gas-sensors. These models are perfect for larger, more hazardous areas, both inside and out.


Detect gas in hazardous areas with our simple, but effective, equipment.

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Quality Protection

There are tons of harmful substances that cause issues not only to people, but the space they reside as well. Protect yourself and your workers by detecting potential threats before they become perilous. By installing one of our dependable models, rest assured that your employees will not risk asphyxiation or poisoning. In addition, it can also protect against explosions and fires in the workplace.

Since 1985, we have worked alongside mining and petroleum industries, government agencies, restaurants, and schools to help keep detrimental gases away. From handheld gas monitoring devices to indicators with advanced safeguards, we are proud to provide all your gas detection solutions.


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