Gas Detectors

We provide accurate gas detection equipment for your facilities. From using a handheld gas monitor to gas detectors with advanced safeties, US Industrial can cover all your gas detection solutions.


USI has Hydrocarbon and Chlorohydrocarbon sensors  for gas detection solutions, with solid-state or catalytic sensors. View our gas detection equipment specifics below.

Liquid Leak Detection

Liquid leak detection is a serious risk. Our gas detectors can detect liquids, gases, or solvent leakage.  View our portable gas detectors to spot the first sign of a leak detection.

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USI services companies globally with gas detectors for all industries. Industrial applications of our gas detection equipment are numerous and expanding: oil and gas, automobile, semiconductor, pharmaceutical, paper, refinery, utilities and gasoline retailing. US Industrial, your number one choice in gas detection equipment and gas detection solutions. Contact us today!